Saturday, December 20, 2008

Explosion, Trees, Snow, Lay-Offs, More Snow and Superman...all in Woodburn!!!

Explosion...The past week and a half has been quite the busy one around here! First there was the bomb that blew up a bank about 2 blocks from our house. There were 2 Woodburn police officers and a bomb technician that all were killed, the Woodburn Police Chief is still in critical condition and there have been 2 arrested so far. We still haven't heard why they did it, it's just really a sad situation. I missed the bomb by about 2 minutes. I was sitting on the freeway off-ramp when the bomb went off, so I'm very thankful to those cars that ran the red light and blocked the intersection so I had to wait longer on the off-ramp.

Trees...We had a very fun time with the Morgan and Widing Families up in the hills getting a Christmas Tree! It even snowed just a bit for us while we were there! We all got beautiful trees and had a good time doing it! Very fun!!!

Snow...The next morning I was at Ward Council when people starting calling asking if we were having church because of the snow. We looked outside and sure enough there were about 2 inches on the ground! We had church, even though some members took it upon themselves to call others and announce that church was canceled! Of course schools have been closed all week because of it, mostly because around here when it snows the roads end up being extremely wet sheets of ice and accidents end up closing most of the major roads!
Lay-off...well the economy has taken it's toll on our family at last. With both John & I in construction it was just a matter of time before someone lost their job. Unfortunately John was laid off yesterday. We're very blessed though because about a month or so ago we finally felt good about being able to live off of 1 income and I just about turned in my notice. Fortunately we listened to the spirit and held off because of the economy. Now it's just deciding if we have John look for another job or take the opportunity to finish his school. We'll see...

More snow...after not such a good day yesterday, today sure has been great! I made it to work and back safely just as the snow started accumulating again! By this afternoon we had about 4-5 inches in our yard! We all bundled up and went out to play! It was great! We started a snowball fight with the neighbors over the fence, and they all ended up in our yard playing for a while. It was very fun and I still can't believe we're getting so much snow here in OREGON!!!

Superman...Our wonderful neighbors brought over some toys and clothes that their son had grown out of and when we came in from the snow Peyton found his new best friend...Superman! He's almost as tall as Peyton and it didn't take him long to discover that they wear pretty much the same shoe size! It is hillarious and Peyton has been packing him around the house since! Very cute!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Yes...we're still alive!!!

Sorry for the LONG absence!!! First I was really slacking, now our computer is having some serious problems and blogspot is blocked from work, so no updating during work hours! I promise I'll update this as soon as we get the computer up and running! For now, here's a family picture!