Monday, April 28, 2008

The Portland Children's Museum

A Half Day at Work...What a Life!

I left work early, picked up Peyton, Jenn and the girls and we headed off for a day at OMSI. We were all so excited until we got there and saw the signs that it was closed today! Couldn't believe it, but decided to make the best of our day so we headed to the Portland Children's Museum. It was very fun! Peyton stayed very busy and all 3 kids were all tuckered out and sleeping by 5:30 on the way home!

Saturday, April 26, 2008

Planting Day

Planting Day!

Hoping that we're done with the snow and crazy weather around here we got our garden started today. I've had a few things going inside, but it was way past due to get them out into bigger pots. I spent a good 2 hours looking for the sprinkler pipes we put in so that we could eventually put in a drip system, hoping to do that today, with nothing but very muddy shoes to show for it! When John got back from camping with the Scouts I gave him that task for this week so that I can get everything else planted next weekend.

Of course I had my #1 helper out there with me all day. Peyton was hilarious. The grass needs to be mowed, so he won't walk in it, and he HATES to have his hands touch it. It totally freaks him out. It's so funny to watch him! He drug the big shovel around on the patio for about 1/2 an hour until he had broke out in a sweat, then decided to trade it in for the little one so that he could actually dig with it. He had a real attachment to the bags of potting soil too. He was finding all kinds of ways to have fun with them. It was a very fun day!

Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Glad to see everyone!

Peyton and I made it safely back after a quick trip to Ashland last weekend. The main reason was to be there for Emily Jane's Baby Shower, which was great food and fun shopping! While there we also saw a little bit of Monte's baseball game, a lot of Jared's sweet fro, and went to the KIDS Discovery Center in Medford with all the younger cousins that live down there. It was all lots of fun that we must repeat again sometime soon! We took some pictures and I'll try to get some of them up soon...we'll see how quick that happens!

The biggest shock for the weekend was the weather...I guess it wasn't really a shocker since I knew it was was just a bit of a surprise that it actually snowed enough to stick! Snow in APRIL! What that is all about, I don't know! It made for a fun drive home though! I would be driving towards blue sky when all of a sudden I'd drive through a small blizzard, then 10 seconds later it was clear and dry again. It was just like the cartoons that show a little cloud raining or snowing in just one little area! It made for a quick trip, especially since Peyton was being SO good playing with his toys in his seat!

Peyton had fun. He loved following all the cousins around and learning to get into lots of trouble. He had his first experience with stairs, since we don't have any and neither does the babysitter...basements are a novelty around here. He did great. He went right up them and would get upset when I made him come back down. He's still got some work to do to master the coming down part by himself, he wants to walk down them, but he figured out going up right away! John said he was like a different kid when he came back! He is trying to talk so much more, laughs all the time at everthing and even teases us now. Yesterday in his highchair he was holding out a piece of cheese for John and when he leaned forward to get it Peyton stuffed it in his mouth and laughed. Wonder where he got that one...Juders and Maile had nothing to do with that I'm sure!

All in all it was fun, WAY too short, but still fun. We're all looking forward to camping at Lost Creek for Memorial Day with everybody!

Monday, April 14, 2008

It was a success!!!

My first job as a Wedding Coordinator went great this weekend! I couldn't believe how smooth everything went for as grand of a wedding as it was! With the grand hotel, caterers, florist, photographer, string quartet, rental companies...I'm sure you get the picture, the only major hiccup was that the company that was providing the Ice Sculpture flaked out. All good in the end though, the bride was happy to save the money after all the bills were in! I have to say, it really tempts me to say forget-it to this full time job stuff and do just that for a living! It was a blast, very hard work, but all worth it!

Saturday, April 5, 2008

Way to go Peyton!!!

After conference today Peyton walked me to his crib and pointed to it. He's been really good about going to sleep when I lay him down, but this was the first time he's ever done this! Wahoo!!! It's so nice to have him tell me what he wants!!! I sure hope he keeps this up!

Wednesday, April 2, 2008

Here's Peyton

Pics of Peyton I had at work!

Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Finally...I know!

Alright, alright! We give! Here's the John Maughan Family Blog! We'll see how often I update this.

Things are good here! After rain, hail and even snow this weekend the Portland Area is bright and sunny again! Both John and I are busy with work and life if general. John's scouts are finally starting to get into the camping spirit, so they're out in the woods, snow, who know's where else at least one weekend a month. John's also been snowboarding the past couple weekends, claiming last weekend had the best snow ever with a foot of fresh powder! (Lucky!!!)

I'm trying to stay on top of things with work, relief society, activities, photo shoots (thanks Kelly for the camera for the wedding last was so much fun I think I'm going to break down and invest in a digital!) and I'm still trying to figure out this whole mom thing! It's fun! I can't complain except for that there just doesn't seem to be enough hours in the day! I'm really excited for spring to finally be here so I can start working in the yard!

As for the little man Peyton...he's as cute as ever, busy as any 1 year old could possibly be, getting into everything and LOVING that he can now open all the doors in the house! I guess it's time to invest in either door knobs to replace all the handles or install a few door guards...bummer! He's also elated that he can now climb up onto things. The other day at work he climbed right up our step stool and getting him off caused quite the commotion! He's fun and makes everyone around him smile, so I have absolutely no complaints! I'm sure some of you are wondering how his heart is, it's doing great as far as we can tell for now. He's back into the cardiologist in June, so that will be his first official check up in almost a year, so we're hoping this one goes as well as the last one! His growth is still on track, so no worries there!

We're glad to see everyone else has blogs so that we can see what everyone is up don't forget to keep them updated...I'll try to do the same! The Gorgeous Georges blog is great! One day I hope to be cool enough to be included on that one too!