Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Girls Night...calling all ladies (and daughters)

The guys are going to be off to the Father's and Sons Camp Out this Friday, so I'm declaring a Ladies Night! We're watching either
Meet Me in St. Louis or Seven Brides for Seven Brothers!

Whoever wants to join me, come on over around 6:30, I have PLENTY of popcorn to share! Bring your girls, and little guys if they're not going camping and come hang out!!!


The George's said...

If we lived closer, I'd be all over it. Have fun!

Brandon and Angela Hoopes said...

Hudson & I are so there! Porter is going to freeze with his daddy. I'll bring a treat. btw I love musicals- as cheesy as they are!

Desiree said...

We'll be there!!

Kelly and Tamra said...

Hey maughans!I was so excited to see you had a blog! I can't figure out how to add you to ours so add us if you can!